Systems integration

Systems integration services based on modern standards allow for the exchange of information between multiple systems, creating one distributed eco-system.

We design modern APIs starting from a microservice approach based on the REST protocol, through more formalized data exchange standards, e.g. SOAP and Enterprise class tools, such as ESB. We also design and implement solutions based on asynchronous Message Queues.

Service design and system integration

Skilful selection of the integration and data exchange methods is one of the key aspects in ensuring trouble-free and efficient operation of the application. We know how to choose and implement the appropriate solution dedicated to a given domain.


We have extensive experience in designing and implementing a secure API based on microservice and HTTP(s) as well as SOAP protocol.

Asynchronous data exchange (Message queues)

We use modern asynchronous frameworks such as ActiveMQ, RabbitMQ, Apache Kafka streaming platform for information exchange between systems.

ESB implementations

We create Enterprise class solutions based on proven Enterprise Service Bus frameworks such as Spring Integration, Apache Camel as well as Mule ESB.

Data migration

We transfer data between systems and databases creating one-time tools or periodically activated services to transform data and migrate them between systems.

Data migration based on ETL

We create ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools based on the SQL language and more advanced Java or Perl scripts for data processing and transformation.

Data anonymization

We protect, encrypt and secure personal data stored in databases or in the form of documents on a disk.

Migration automation

We help define the full data migration process and create tools for automating data migration.