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and handling insurance policies


Insurance company Europa faced the challenge of building an effective and user-friendly solution that would support sales and manage the insurance policies they offer.

The web application was intended to be aimed at both individual clients and the insurer’s partners. One of our client’s basic requirements was to design a system functionality that would enable the design and registration of new and modification of current insurance products without the need to involve an IT service provider. The solution was also intended to ensure full integration with many of the Insurer’s existing internal systems and ensure smooth data exchange between investment fund management systems.

Project parameters

Europa Insurance Company

  • Analysis
  • Product Development
  • Integration with systems
  • Development and maintenance


In response to the client’s needs and requirements, we designed from scratch and created a transaction portal enabling the sale and service of TU Europa products. This portal was created with a wide group of recipients in mind: individual customers, employees and partners of the insurer (agents).

The solution we created includes the following modules:


The module is available to individual clients and intermediaries cooperating with TU Europa. It allows you to register and print insurance applications and provides the option to view your clients’ policies. It has been integrated with the online payment system (formerly DotPay, currently PayU), which allows for immediate payment for the policy by an individual customer.

Product management and
application handling process

A module enabling intuitive product definition, including defining the application and printout form as well as product parameters such as sales date or documents related to the product. Additionally, this module provides the option of assigning a product to a specific intermediary, defining application statuses and performing transition operations between statuses.

Sales structure management

This module allows you to add intermediaries and their branches. The system enables the intermediary’s administrators to manage their own organizational structure in terms of creating branches and employees and granting them appropriate permissions. The solution also enables the generation of periodic reports such as sales statistics.

Customer service (insured)

With this module, the insured customer receives the option to view his or her personal data, the list and details of policies (the value of the policy and individual funds) and the history of submitted instructions. This system allows authorized users to perform specific operations on the policy or application on behalf of the client.

The portal we created was integrated with the existing TU Europa systems and the BackOffice system in terms of data exchange, e.g. sending entered applications, receiving information about policies, their current status, exchanging information about submitted instructions for the policy or application and payment confirmations. According to the customer’s requirement, the portals support RWD.

As EO, we provide the service of maintaining and further developing the portal since 2008. The client receives administrative support for the IT system on the network 24/7, ensuring application availability at the level of 99.9% annually.



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Grupa Europa continuously cooperates with eo Networks. We have repeatedly used the competences, experience and knowledge of eo Networks employees in the field of IT. eo Networks employees approach their tasks with professionalism and commitment. We can confidently recommend the services of this company to other contractors.

Rafał Mońka

Director of the IT Department