Service parts logistics management system


Due to the development of the service, eo Networks faced two significant challenges.

First, the increase in service tasks made it necessary to improve the efficiency of the supply of parts to technicians in order to efficiently complete repairs.

Secondly, the greater number of parts translated into the need for more storage space, and thus also greater control over parts. EO identified the above issues that needed to be addressed. Therefore, a decision was made to improve the functioning of the website.

The goal was clear – to create a solution that would help control and streamline parts logistics.

Project parameters

eo Networks service

  • Interviews with users
  • Impact Mapping
  • User journey map
  • Workshops
  • Prototyping
  • UX design
  • RWD
  • Web development
  • Barcode scanners
  • Accounting integration
  • Courier integration



The answer to who to create such a solution with was obvious. The softwarehouse and the EO service have joined forces to work towards improving the logistics of the growing service.

We started to analyze the situation and presented our recommendations that would improve the functioning of processes not only on the logistics side, but also on the entire website.

We have created a dedicated system to support the logistics process at every stage of it: from providing information about the reservation of parts in stock or the need to place an order for new parts, through accepting parcels and deliveries of equipment, picking parts for notifications, and ending with collecting used parts from technicians and disposal service.

In addition, the key element of the designed system is the introduction of bar codes on parts and warehouse spaces, which are operated using scanners with a dedicated application written by EO.

The introduced solution allowed to increase the efficiency of service logistics work, while increasing the volume of requests, and thus, parts. Our solution also integrates with accounting systems (warehouse documents) and courier systems (generation of bills of lading). Our solution, by increasing the efficiency of logistics, allowed us to offer services of a higher standard at competitive rates.


A dedicated system to handle the logistics process


SQL Server
Service Fabric
Web Api Core