Price list of maintenance services

Testing / valuation of repair in the Service Center:

  • Printer, monitor, laptop, desktop 70 PLN net
  • The cost of transporting the device (one way) 20 PLN net

Repair (rate per 1 man-hour) in the Service Center:

  • Printer, laptop, desktop 100 PLN net
  • Monitor 150 PLN net

Valuation of repair / Repair (rate per 1 man-hour) at the Client's premises (without travel costs):

  • Printing multifunctional device A4 170 PLN net
  • Printing multifunctional device A3 220 PLN net
  • Laptop, desktop 170 PLN net
  • Monitor up to 55" 170 PLN net
  • Monitor over 55" 300 PLN net

Travel rates (travel counted from the Service Center to the Client and back):

  • In a city with a Service Center headquarters and up to 25 km 30 PLN net
  • Outside the city with Service Center headquarters 84 gr net / km *

* fee calculated for traveling to and from the equipment installation location