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We get to know your needs

We listen carefully to what you want to achieve. We offer workshops where we work together to identify needs and present demonstration models of solutions.

We design the solution

Based on the needs and guidelines, we create a solution specification including a list of devices along with a localization and technical project. We also define the specification of implementation and integration with systems.

We configure

We test devices and carry out full configuration according to customer requirements. This stage prepares the devices for installation in a dedicated place.

We install

Devices with dedicated infrastructure are installed at the destination, then they are connected, calibrated and retested. Successful verification allows for the launching of the device.

We launch

We run installed devices. The integration team verifies the connections and integration of the software in accordance with the design arrangements.

We train users

We train users in the practical use of devices and provide full documentation and a dedicated user manual.

We support

We provide maintenance and servicing of the solution. We also offer a dedicated Customer Service Hotline.

Benefits of working with us

You get access to knowledge about monitors and their advantages and disadvantages. Our knowledge is practical, resulting from service experience.

We will adjust the repair time to your needs.

You get the ability to combine solutions from different manufacturers.

We can stock replacement screens.

We guarantee full service throughout Poland.

You have access to original parts with warranty.