An original system for recording working time adapted to the needs of the IT company market.

The EOSIC system streamlines the process of settling and reporting your employees’ working hours and leaves in accordance with the provisions of the Labor Code. By choosing our solution, you get higher quality of the work settlement process, control over the hours spent on a given project and therefore the budget, and access to very precise data, both project and employee.

The system we provide consists of the following modules:

Projects module

You can add new projects that are limited in time and finances, specify for which client and in what technologies you run it. Also here you manage resources with the option of adding employees according to their role in the project and determining the time of their involvement in the project.

Timesheet module

You can conveniently enter your working time records. Each employee is obliged to report hours on projects assigned to him by the Project Manager. The system allows you to top up work and overtime during the current week; the employee cannot report hours from the previous week or the next, which helps eliminate errors and effectively plan the financial liquidity of projects. You also have access to a weekly and monthly summary broken down by projects, working time, overtime and weekend overtime.

Employees module

In this module you have access to a list of all employees. Each of your employees has access to data such as name and surname, profession, office location and name and surname of the employee’s supervisor. The management staff also has access to employees’ telephone numbers.

Holidays module

In the Holidays module, HR enters holidays and non-working days. Highlighting such days prevents employees from submitting an application for leave for a blocked period. In the Timesheet module, such a day is highlighted in red.

Absences module

That is, the Leave Module, thanks to which your employee applies for leave. The employee submits an application by selecting the date range and type of leave, then his or her supervisor receives an e-mail notification and can accept or reject the request, and the employee receives information about the decision by e-mail. The system contains the current leave pool and a summary of used leave days as well as historical data for each employee.

TimeSheet Management module

Thanks to this module, you have access to the working time records of each employee. The list contains a summary of all hours worked, overtime and absences. You can view reports monthly and weekly, broken down into projects, and accept or reject them, or return them for corrections. This module provides filtering by a wide range of data that can also be exported.

Employee Management Module

In this tab, you edit employee data such as: name and surname, telephone number, office location, contract type, profession, position or skills.

Absences Management Module

Thanks to this module, your HR can enter data such as: start date of work, number of vacation days, or obtain a preview of information about each employee.

Admin Panel module

Thanks to the Admin Panel, authorized people manage the database of clients, offices, skills and users. This module allows you to add new accounts for employees and assign them appropriate roles in the system. The administrator also has the option of changing the e-mail address of a given user or resetting the password.

Benefits of introducing EOSIC

Group 1736

Saves time

Group 1738

Saving “paper”

Group 1741

Acceleration of internal processes


Improving the quality of the work settlement process

Group 1712

High control of project budgets

Group 1740

Transparency of project and employee data

Group 1739

Relieving the workload of HR