Adjust hardware solutions to your needs.

Take advantage of our solutions

IT accessories
Servers and networks

Take advantage of the equipment auditing and standardization process

business equipment path
We will carry out
equipment audit

We will visit and audit the equipment in your branches throughout Poland.

We will assess the condition

We will inventory your equipment and assess its technical condition.

We will propose development

We will suggest how to expand your equipment and standardize it to your needs.

We will deliver new equipment

We will prepare an offer for a personalized configuration and deliver the new equipment to the right places.

Expand your device configuration

Expand the device with selected components dedicated by the manufacturer.

Replace the keyboard (adapt it to the region or type of use).

Choose components from any manufacturer while maintaining the warranty.

Make changes while maintaining ESD protection (production line process).

Your benefits:

Extending the life cycle of the device in the organization.

Effective adjustment of the computer configuration to the needs (financial savings).

Increasing the parameters of the computer without losing the warranty (memory, faster wifi cards, cards for wireless internet).

Order equipment with the option of first configuration

Personalize your BIOS

Label your equipment

Install custom system images

Order delivery to the user

Your benefits:

Relieving the IT department of preparing computer hardware.

Increased computer security already at the delivery stage.

The ability to replace the computer without unnecessary interruptions in the work of the end user.

Saving space and time.

Guarantee of receiving a functionong equipment and the ability to work immediately.

Quickly recover your computer in the event of a crash.

Manufacturers and certifications