Calibration of large format monitors and video walls

Nowadays, even the smallest companies want to attract attention using visual forms of advertising and promotion. One such solution is the adoption of multimedia screens and interconnected monitors creating a video wall and displaying dynamic content. In order to achieve the intended purpose, each monitor from which the VideoWall is built should have the same color and brightness values. This can be achieved with our calibration service. The purpose of this is to unify the panels and adapt the entire installation to the ambient conditions in which it will be located (type of lighting, room characteristics). Achieving uniform color characteristics in all displays in the VideoWall is a real challenge. Incorrect color rendering will reduce the perceived value of the video content. Even identical displays from the same production line will display the image in a different way and will require zero calibration or calibration over time. Color calibration is also necessary when replacing the panel in the video wall (eg due to hardware failure) or wall relocation (changing the environmental conditions). Eo Networks provides professional calibration of video walls, compliant with the manufacturer's standards. To calibrate panels, our engineers use manufacturer-dedicated calibration equipment and software.

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